From the Service Users, their Families and Friends of High Lee Care Home...      

'My mother, who will soon be 90, has been a privately paying resident at High Lee Care Home for more than three years. We chose High Lee after thorough comparison with other residential homes in and around Halifax. The deciding factors were High Lee's relatively small size, which leads to more personal care; its cleanliness; the tasteful decoration of both the private rooms and the common areas; the wonderful views over the hills to Heptonstall and the Withins and, most of all, the feeling of warmth and friendliness that strikes you as you enter the place.

The management and staff are uncommonly helpful and welcoming and I have noticed that there is a reciprocal warmth between my mother and the various members of staff who care for her. My mother is clearly happy and content at High Lee.

I enthusiastically recommend High Lee as a residential Home for the elderly.'  

David Lister, Switzerland  24/07/2012


'High Lee was recommended to us by a friend, whose mum had spent a week's respite stay in the Home, and enjoyed it. On our first visit with my own mum, she was struck by the lovely views from the bedroom window, and the homely and friendly atmosphere of the Home.

Care Homes in general have had a bad press recently, but mum has had two stays there now, and aside from a struggle with a fire door (since made easier to open), has only good memories of her stay.

The level of care has certainly met our expectations - so much so we've booked another month.' 

John Butterworth, Hebden Bridge  07/08/2012


'We were very happy with the care and commitment that was given to my mother.  She was put into High Lee so we could have a holiday, at 96 she is a very hard lady to please as I am sure you found out, but we were pleased ourselves with the staff and the way she was looked after, this gave us peace of mind so we could relax on holiday.'

Neil Wilson, Halifax  10/08/2012


'I think I heard about High Lee from Janet Cavanagh, who in turn, heard about it via someone who had had a relative cared for there.

Personally I have had little experience of Care Homes, my own mother having died in the old Northowram Hospital, but I cannot think I would find a better place than High Lee.

It is a uniquely intimate home, with a family atmosphere as opposed to an institutionalised one.  The staff are very caring and patient and also welcoming to visitors.

My Step-mother's solicitor had occasion to visit her and remarked on the cleanliness (and lack of smell!). She said she would be quite happy if Margaret were her relation and was a resident there.

I would happily recommend High Lee, the only drawback being the awful road from Sowerby Bridge to the Home!'

Anne McDermott, Drighlington  10/08/2012


 'Our elderly relative May has been in your care at High Lee for nearly 9 years after hearing about the home from a friend.

May needs much more care now that when she first arrived at the home, however, it is her 'home' and she is cared for by people with some amazing qualities and skills.  The compassion, understanding and patience of these people make the difference to her life.

I recently made a surprise visit to May, to find a carer feeding May by spoon a meal which had been liquidised to allow her to swallow more easily.  The carer was very attentive to May, talking and encouraging her all the time.  May cannot speak but only makes noises and this carer seemed to be having a conversation with May, in her own way.

It was quite emotional to see but it made me very happy knowing she was being cared for this way and hopefully will remain in their care until the end of her days.  I know May is happy.

Thank You all for taking so much care of May you are very special people with the skills to make the difference.'

Susan Dent, Halifax  10/08/2012


'We heard about High Lee from a very close family member.  We think the service at High Lee is unique because all the management and staff are very caring and their presence is not always evident but is there when required.

The food is always very fresh and healthy, well cooked and served as it should be, by very pleasant staff at all times.

The care towards my wife has exceeded all expectations, she is always pleased to go to High Lee for what she calls her holiday, she feels like being in a first class hotel but with the family atmosphere.

My daughter and I have recommended High Lee Care Home to several families and they have already let their loved one's stay there and they have already said to us that High Lee is the nicest home they have visited and thanked us for the information we have given them.

We would certainly use High Lee's facilities again and as often as possible and have already done so.'

Clive & Mary Whitfield, Hebden Bridge  13/08/2012


'My mother has been a resident at High Lee for three years now. I am more than happy with the quality of care and attention she receives, and the way she has been accepted in the home and her individual needs met. Mum has become very comfortable and considers High Lee her home.

Being 6000 miles away is often disconcerting. One thing I really value is that I am told the truth by management and staff, even if it isn't exactly what I want to hear! I can therefore trust everyone at High Lee, knowing they truly have Mum's best interests at heart, and that she is safe and happy in a warm, friendly, homely and caring environment.'

Jane Helliwell, California, USA   20/12/12