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Quality Assurance

We at High Lee Care Home are constantly endeavouring to improve our services to the people who live with us, as High Lee’s aim is to make everyone feel happy and content.

We want to make everyone using our service feel they are being listened to, that their views count and that action will be taken.  We look forward to hearing your opinions; good or bad, they are nevertheless important.


If you wish to tell us what you think about the Overall Service at High Lee, please click on the Overall Questionnaire link below:


If you wish to tell us about a particular Good experience you had at the Home or want to let us know about something Good a particular staff member did, please click on the Compliments link below:


If you have a particular issue or complaint you wish to raise with us, please click on the Complaints link below:


Reporting Forms

If you wish to report an incident of Abuse, please click on the Allegation of Abuse link below, you can fill this in anonymously if you wish, however, we encourage you to fill in your details in case we require more information from you:


Your Allegation of Abuse report will be dealt with in a sensitive and confidential manner.